Accepting Life for What It Is and Being Happy

Everyone faces stumbling blocks in their lives, either in personal relations, or in professional life or in wealth generation or trying to make ends meet; many may not have the tools or the means to overcome these setbacks.Whenever come across problems, we try to change other people or situations and think we are making our life better? To make our life better. We think that it is others who are responsible for our problems, and go on complaining about others and the situations. If in case we do not succeed in changing others or the situations we become frustrated and think of desperate measures to get out of the situation. This failure becomes even bitterer for us. Question is, what to do if we cannot change others or situations?

How do we be happy in that case?Once we start toning down our expectations of others, and accept their imperfections, we tend to be happier?When our desires are fulfilled we are happiest and downcast when the desires are not fulfilled, however it is important to enjoy the fulfilled desires rather than worrying about the unfulfilled ones.Happiness should be a state of mind on the journey of life.AcceptanceA friend, sibling, spouse, or an in-law can be embarrassing and create ruckus over a minor issue: a missed deadline, impolite behaviour, will make a person hurt and angry but due to etiquette he is bound to keep quiet. This will remain in the mind and keeps him perturbed.To overcome this we should accept that all are not equal, and letting go off that feeling at the same time conveying them politely the stress you had with that particular word statement or action.If they take offense, when you convey your unhappiness, it is better to avoid those who you can and use space from those who you cannot avoid.

Learn the art of forgiving, forgive even if you do not forget. Forgiving is divine it brings out harmony this over a period of time will also enable you to forget. The unfriendly behaviour and comments will slowly diminish.Carrying hatred in the mind is an unproductive tool which destroys peace and relationships. While the person, who is hurt emotionally, is seething with anger and the one, who commented the indiscreet remark is happy and has also forgotten about it. Humans all over the world are such victims, they bind themselves to the insult and hate without letting go, either forgetting or forgiving.